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Sharon Hawthorne

e-PRO Internet Professional
Advanced Certified Green Building Professional
Certified Green Building Professional
Certified Distressed Property Expert
Certified EcoGreen Real Estate Agent
Accredited Buyers' Representative
Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Graduate Sonoma County Country Property Series

Ask Realty Online - Sharon HawthorneI became a REALTOR® in 1993 following twenty years of real estate investing in Sonoma County. Based on this experience, I recognized the need for real estate professionals who approach delivery of service as consulting rather than sales and I began my career with that goal in mind. I aim to provide truly noteworthy and superior service by listening deeply, being genuinely responsive, and supporting the empowerment of each individual — operating with utmost respect for each person's unique manner of information gathering and processing and encouraging decision-making based on relevant data and a genuine understanding rather than relying on the expertise of another  to know what's best.

I was fortunate to begin my career with Frank Howard Allen REALTORS®, a locally owned company, considered a 'best in the business'.  Over the next ten years, I gained valuable experience while working under the direction of a CEO, guided by the highest of professional standards, with a strong commitment to education and training. However, over time, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the restrictive and inflexible policies of such a traditional corporate brokerage. Company policy particularly conflicted with my desire to offer services and fees customized to the unique circumstances of each client.

By 2003 I'd realized I must start my own brokerage if I wanted to truly do business my way.  So I left Frank Howard Allen, began studying for the Broker's exam, and joined Creative Property Services, a company with a reputation for innovation.  I hoped to gain insight into structuring my brokerage by working with a less traditional business model.  But soon realized that the company's only real innovation was in the realm of agent compensation incentives and that the agents were still expected to present sellers with a corporate rationale for commission percentage rates being the same for all homes regardless of price point, condition, or marketability.  It became clear that burdensome management responsibility  — having many agents with varying degrees of competence — and the tremendous overhead of a large brokerage just does not lend itself to being responsive to clients on a case by case basis.  I also came to understand that the 'customer' of these large brokerages isn't really the public at all, but rather the sales agents themselves (who, without a broker's license, aren't legally allowed to conduct business on their own), as well as some fully licensed brokers who are more comfortable in the role of a salesperson than entrepreneur -- individuals who seek the guidance and security of an established organization, so that they need not make budgetary decisions or be responsible for defining their own business policy or practices.

In 2006 I passed the state broker's exam and opened ASK Realty, delighted by the opportunity to conduct business as I had originally envisioned — with a focus on serving client needs rather than achieving corporate production goals.  I do not expend excessive resources on image marketing, heating, cooling, lighting, insuring, or commuting to a space in which to conduct business -- as a consequence I can afford to be more responsive and generous with my clients.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of people. As a Buyers' Representative, I've worked with purchasers in all types of transactions from first time buyers using 100% financing to investors doing 1031 exchanges. Likewise, I've represented sellers in all sorts of situations ― moving up, downsizing, leaving the area, or giving up home ownership altogether. I'm a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and have created a unique combination of services for assisting elderly folks with the transition of moving to retirement or assisted living, which is described in detail under Unique Services for Seniors section.  In September 2008 I became a Certified Eco-Green Real Estate Agent, in 2010 I earned Advanced Certified Green Building Professional status — both greatly enhanced my ability to assist clients in evaluating the value of assorted green building practices and the merit of various sustainability strategies. I'm also a Country Property Specialist, as the result of both hands-on personal experience and completion of two trainings through the local Realtors association and I have very much enjoy working with both buyers and sellers of country properties.  In 2009 I became a Certified Distressed Property Expert so that I could more knowledgeably represent owners needing to sell for less than the amount owed on their mortgage and have maintained my affiliation as a CDPE so that I can continue providing effective representation to buyers of these properties. In 2010 I completed the National Association of Realtors e-PRO Technology Certification to learn to communicate more effectively via the internet using social media and to incorporate online transaction management into my professional skill  set, particularly for the benefit of my out of area clients. 

The core of my business is past clients referrals
 ― people who have used my services and know I will truly advocate for their family's or friend's best interest.  I am proud of the fact that I don't have as single past client who is in financial difficulty due to overextending themselves with a price or mortgage amount on a purchase that I assisted them with.

However, the future of my business relies on excellence going forward and that is what I strive for every day.

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