An Educated Sonoma County Real Estate Broker

NEWSFLASH! It’s official. I am the most educated real estate broker in Sonoma County for 2010. At Tuesday’s holiday breakfast the North Bay Association of Realtors awarded me for attending the greatest number, a total of 14, of their class offerings — from “REO Specialist Certification” to “Legalizing Unpermitted Work” to “Getting the Most out of your Android Phone”.

Of these, the most career-shifting was a teaser presentation, called “Tech Double Shot”, which lead to my enrolling in the National Association of Realtors e-Pro Technology Program — Web 2.0 and Social Media — and becoming certified as an e-PRO Internet Professional.

AND, they didn’t even take into account the many classes I took elsewhere.  That I also completed two, two-days each, Build It Green courses to become certified as an Advanced Green Building Professional, plus six all-day and 3 half-day PG&E sponsored energy conservation training classes — on topics ranging from air sealing and insulating to retrofitting crawlspaces to incentives and rebates available for implementing green building practices.

OR that I also attended monthly Build It Green guild meetings, plus an all-day and a half-day Leadership Sustainability conference, made two visits to the first Passive House being built in California while under construction, and attended probably a dozen other green and social media related events.

AND, that as a Certified Distressed Property Expert I also participated in monthly webinars covering the latest  news on short sales and alternatives available for folks caught in the trap of house payments they can no longer afford.

Why do I devote so much time to these endeavors? We live in a rapidly changing society, where “business as usual” — no matter how high quality one’s service has been in the past — is often not adequate to meet the needs of today’s real estate client. In response I’ve made it my business to educate and arm myself with skills required by this new and continually shifting marketplace.

I also pledge to continue my dedication to learning — to providing my clients with the service they should expect and demand from a well compensated real estate professional. But at the same time I know that I will never know everything that may be required in every circumstance. Therefore, of equal importance is the time I spend getting to know and checking the references of other professionals and specialists — so, when my clients need assistance that is outside the realm of my expertise, I know who to ASK.

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