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ASK Realty is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Agent in Graton, CA

Using Area to Search for a Sonoma County Home Print E-mail

MLS Search of Sonoma County Real Estate & Homes For Sale Using AreaThis is the only public site I know of that offers a search by AREA, using the same geographic parameters that Sonoma County agents employ — with no need to know zip codes or city boundaries. This is particularly useful when searching for properties in unincorporated communities or rual areas, avoiding the confusion of relying on city names, which may or may not be relevant.

If you'd like to try this method, begin by selecting COUNTY first. Please note: AREA designations correspond with the county chosen, so after selecting Sonoma County only the AREAs and CITYs located in Sonoma County will be displayed.

CITY includes properties outside city limits, but using CITY names may produce less than optimal results when looking for homes in rural areas. For example, many properties appearing to be in the unincorporated "cities" of the west county — Occidental, Freestone, or Graton — actually have Sebastopol addresses.  So if you use these "city" names you could exclude possibilities that actually match your criteria. 

MLS Search of Sonoma County Real Estate & Homes For Sale Using AreaOn the other hand, using just Sebastopol CITY would exclude rural west county properties which do have postal address in Occidental, Freestone, or Graton. This same phenomenon is true in all of the unincorporated communities throughout the county. So, unless you're certain that the only properties you'll be interested in are all within a particular CITY boundary I recommend just using AREA and leaving the CITY category blank.

Review and familiarize yourself with the AREA BOUNDARIES map before beginning. These AREAS (created by the local MLS) reflect community boundaries resulting from either major traffic thoroughfares or natural occurring geographic separators such as the Laguna de Santa Rosa. In most cinstances these parameters are more representative of community boundaries than CITY or ZIP CODE

If you need help locating the streets or landmarks referenced give me a call or send me an email describing the geographical areas you're interested in and I'll get back to you.

In keeping with my philosophy of transparency and full disclosure I do not attempt to obscure the identity of the listing office or agent in search results. And, unlike many brokerage created sites, you're not required to register to conduct a search. I don't feel the need to 'capture' my visitors to build business. I

I trust, if it seems I can be of service, you'll contact me.  In the meantime, enjoy your search.  

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