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Buying a home in Sonoma County?
Is Now the Right Time? What Should I Do First? What Will It Cost? What Next?

Ask Realty OnlineSelling decisions are prompted by a wide variety of factors. A broad range of emotions ranging from exhilaration to reluctance may be involved and can even cloud one's clarity of purpose. Good decisions are shaped by one's overall life plans and goals. 

My services as a real estate agent often begin by sitting down with a homeowner to discuss these things and weigh options — to determine whether in fact now is the right time to move and, if so, to craft an exit strategy that best serves their unique situation.

I bring to the table twenty four years of experience as a Sonoma County real estate agent. Do you need to know what you might expect to receive from the sale of your property to determine a best course of action? I can help. Are circumstances you're less than enthusiastic about, such as a divorce or a job transfer, compelling the move? I can help you get going anyway. Perhaps you dream of moving to a home that requires less maintenance, but first need solid information about replacement property prices before making any plans — I can help. Maybe you tried getting a mortgage modification, had no luck, and believe you have no choice except between a short sale or a foreclosure and don't know which way to go— I can help.

Each situation has unique elements and considerations. Change happens — a child is born, a parent move in, a child moves out, you take up a hobby that causes you to want to live in a different location — reasons for moving are endless. I can assist you to sort through the pros and cons. And, if you decide you're really ready and want my assistance, then I can take on the job of being your project manager, referral resource, advocate, and negotiator. In the section I've outlined what to expect during this phase in greater detail.

No matter what the motivator, Sellers almost unanimously look forward to maximizing their return. But beyond this commonality, every transaction is one of a kind. I pledge to take your unique situation and concerns into account throughout the transaction, while always keeping in mind that you ultimately employed me for one essential reason — to move the sale processes forward to a successful conclusion — and that is my ultimate commitment to you.

My fee varies -- unlike the customary brokerage practice of setting a uniform rate for all sales transactions. Historically rates have typically been 5%-6% of the sales price, with this amount being divided 50/50 between the listing and the buyer's agent. But, in keeping with my desire to be responsive to the unique circumstances of each client, it is my practice to determine the listing portion of a commission on the basis of the property's price bracket, the expected complexity of the transaction, and its owner's willingness to help streamline the marketing and sales process by completing a pest inspection in advance, making needed repairs, implementing staging recommendations prior to putting the property on the market, and making it easy to show. I still always recommend offering a customary 2.5%-3% commission to a buyer's agent, again with the exact rate being dictated by the nature of the transaction. But because of flexibility on my share, the total commission I charge will typically be less than other full service brokerage companies.

Want a broker's price opinion, want my recommendations for preparing your home for market, want to hear my ideas for a marketing campaign utilizing social media, video, and property specific web addresses? Want to talk with someone who is committed to truly supporting you in taking action that is best for you? Just ASK.

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