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Buying a home in Sonoma County?
Unique Service: Seniors Real Estate Specialist Services

Ask Realty OnlineLeaving the familiarity of a home you've lived in for many years can be intimidating. Downsizing from a family-sized home to a studio apartment is challenging. The need to make decisions about what to do next and where to begin — especially if you are accustomed to making such decisions with a life-partner who is no longer present — may seem overwhelming.  Just the thought of preparing a home for market and managing the paperwork and the negotiations involved can cause some folks to stay in situations that no longer suit their needs.

Knowing that a lack of familiarity  with available housing options can also be a hindrance to making a much needed move, I have researched local options and developed the most comprehensive list available from a single source of all alternatives.  I’ve toured all Sonoma County Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) and independent living communities serving 40 or more residents and informally visited smaller communities serving more than six.  I’ve also taken at least a drive-by look at every senior mobile home park, senior apartment complex, and planned development retirement community in the county.

If you have a home to sell but aren't sure where you want to go, I can offer a unique touring service to you.  I'll provide basic information about the options available generally and about specific locations and help you to assess which might work best for you. Then, if you'd like, we can take a tour together.  I'll make the appointments and drive you to visit those places that interest you most — just as I would for someone buying a home (even if what you are considering does not involve a purchase).  If I end up being offered compensation from an assisted living community through a referral fee, I would then reduce my commission from the sale of your home by the amount received.  Or, if you do not feel up to such an adventure, or are only interested in smaller, 6 person or less, living environments — I can also refer you to placement specialists to assist you in locating your best match.

I'm very aware that concerns besides locating the perfect replacement home may come up.  So I have also made it my business to get to know community agency contacts and service professionals who may be helpful in assisting to make this transition with confidence and ease.

I take time several days each month to meet with and deepen my rapport with senior services providers — to develop and maintain a cadre of professionals whom I feel confident to call upon to assist senior clients in weighing the pros and cons of making a particular move — individuals and businesses to whom I can confidently make referrals when needed.  My aim is to be the primary central resource and to play the role of a concierge — just as when you're a guest in a fine hotel — someone who you can call upon to attend to those details you do not have the local contacts or resources to take charge of personally, someone who can make special arrangements for you, so that you can just enjoy the journey.

Ask Realty OnlineMy aim is to make your move as smooth as possible by successfully coordinating the activities of others.  Foremost among these is often the professional move manager, who assists in helping you to decide what to take and what not to, and what to do with what you don't.  I've also identified a valuable cross-section of public and private agencies, professionals, and service providers, including placement specialists, geriatric case managers, financial advisors, private fiduciaries, handypersons, and even veterinary techs who make house calls. My primary resource is the Sonoma County Section on Aging, a great group of people who are committed to sharing their knowledge, so that all can deliver the best service possible to Sonoma County seniors.

Or, through discussing circumstances and concerns, it may become clear that staying in your home is your best solution — making some changes in your living situation may be your best alternative. Perhaps some handicapped modifications, or hiring a bit of outside help, or getting a reverse mortgage, or subscribing to a monitoring service are really what is needed most.  If so, I can also refer you to individuals and agencies to help you in these areas.

Why do I do this at no charge?  Because my business is built on the concept of service.  And because our interaction is a sort of sampling for you.  Even if you don't chose to move today, you've had an opportunity to get to know me.  And, in the future, when you are ready to move, I hope you'll remember me and consider using my real estate brokerage services. Or, when you have friends who need assistance, I trust that if I you were pleased with my service that you will recommend me to them.

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