Preparing to Sell

Is Now the Right Time? What Should I Do First? What Will It Cost? What Next?

Want to work with an agent who is committed to rigorously supporting you? In taking the action that is best for you?

Selling is prompted by a variety of factors.

A broad spectrum of emotions, ranging from exhilaration to reluctance, may be involved and even cloud one’s clarity of purpose. Good decisions are shaped by reviewing one’s overall life plans and goals. So, my service as a real estate agent often begins by sitting down with a homeowner to learn about these factors and to weigh options — to determine if now is really the best time for making a move. And, if yes, to work with you on crafting an exit strategy that best serves your unique situation.

I bring to the table twenty-seven years of experience as a Sonoma County real estate agent.

Might you like to know what you could expect to receive from the sale of your property — in order to determine a best course of action? Unless yours is a cookie cutter home in a newer, highly homogeneous, neighborhood — Zillow is unlikely the best source for a relevant answer. So ASK an agent with ‘on the ground’ knowledge and a familiarity with local contextual differences that effect value.

Each situation has its own unique elements and considerations.

Change happens: a child is born, a parent moves in, a job transfer is offered, a child moves out, you take up a hobby that requires living in a different location. The reasons for moving are numerous and varied. But, no matter Why, I can assist you in sorting through the pros and cons. Are circumstances such as a divorce or a death compelling a sale that you are less than enthusiastic about? Despite the inertia you may feel, I can help. Perhaps you’d like to move to a home that requires less maintenance, but first need to get a better ideas of possible replacement property prices before making plans. I can help. I am happy to act as your agent and take on the tasks of being your project manager, marketing director, referral resource, advocate, and negotiator.

I’ve learned that, despite their differences, sellers almost unanimously want to maximize their return…

…no matter what the motivation; but every transaction is one of a kind. So I pledge to keep your unique situation and ambitions foremost in my mind throughout the process and not forget that you employed me for one essential reason: to move the sales effort along at a pace you are comfortable with toward a successful conclusion — and that is my ultimate commitment to you.

My listing fee varies. Unlike mainstream brokerage practices…

…of setting a uniform rate for all sale transactions regardless of circumstances or conditions. Historically commission rates have been set at between 5%-6% of the sales price, with this amount being divided 50/50 between the listing and the buyer’s agent. However, in keeping with my desire to be responsive to the unique requirements of each property and each seller, I base the listing portion of the commission on the expected complexity and challenges of managing the transaction and on the owner’s willingness to assist in streamlining the sale process.

This means implementing my marketing advise (property preparations), completing a pest inspection, completed agreed upon staging recommendations prior to allowing the property to be seen, and making it easy to show. I still recommend offering a minimum of a 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent; however, the total commission will be between 4% – 6%, with my share being between 1.75% – 3%. By law, commissions are negotiable.