Why ASK?

Inquiry, or asking, is essential to every real estate transaction.

I invite you to ASK me about anything real estate related – in the spirit of “there are no foolish questions”. And, in turn, I’ll be ASKING –about your investment objectives, financial resources and lifestyle, and about how I can best be of service to you.

ASK = Access, Service, and Knowledge.

ACCESS: to selected home interiors and to property information available to agents only
SERVICE: guidance and management of the purchase or sale process from beginning to end.
KNOWLEDGE: from 26 years in the business. Experience matters.

Exceptional Individualized Service is my credo.

To deliver on that promise has meant an on-going commitment to education throughout my career coupled with a driving sense of personal responsibility. I’ve received specialized training in country property issues, buyer representation, handling foreclosure properties, working with seniors, green building, and am a National Association of Realtor certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert. All much beyond what is required by the State of California to simply maintain an agent or broker’s license or to conduct business.

ASK Realty is an Independent Brokerage and a Green Business.

I began my career as a real estate agent working with a locally owned, highly regarded brokerage, Frank Howard Allen — a model of professionalism and ethical practice. However, after 10 years with them, I became dissatisfied with the inflexible operational policies of such a large office and began preparing for the California Real Estate Brokers exam. In 2006 I received my broker’s license — allowing me to set up an independent office and to establish my own operational procedures. I work from my home, which has been energy retrofitted to reduce my carbon footprint and which allows me to conserve the resources that would be required to light, heat, cool, furnish, or commute to and from a separate workplace.

Independence and low overhead operations allow me to customize seller commissions…

…based on a property’s unique selling proposition — rather than relying on a standardized corporate rate set by someone else.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from my ‘single agency’ representation policy, while the environment benefits from my green operation.