Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Leaving the familiarity of a home you’ve lived in for many years can be intimidating.

Downsizing from a family-sized home to a studio apartment is challenging. The need to make decisions about what to do next and where to begin, especially if you are accustomed to making such decisions with a life-partner who is no longer present, may seem overwhelming. Just the thought of preparing a home for market and managing the paperwork and the negotiations involved can cause some folks to stay in situations that no longer suit their needs.

Knowing that lack of familiarity with local housing options can hinder a much-needed move…

…in 2009 I spent a several months researching all local senior housing options. I took tours of all Sonoma County Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) facilities serving 40 or more residents and informally visited the smaller communities serving 7-40 residents I also visited every independent living environment including senior mobile home parks, senior apartment complexes, and residential retirement communities in the county and then developed the most comprehensive list of possibilities available at that time. Many now have new owners and have changed names since then, but basic attributes remain the same.

If you have a home to sell and are curious about such alternative living environments…

…I can put together a list of the possibilities most likely well-suited for you and can take you to visit those that interest you most — just as I would for someone buying a home, even though what you are considering will likely not involve a purchase. But, if you don’t feel up for such an adventure, or are only interested in smaller, 6 person or less, living environments — I will refer you to a local placement specialist to assist you in locating your best match. Note: If I should happen to introduce you to an assisted living community that offers compensation in the form of a referral fee, I will reduce my commission from the sale of your home by the amount received.

Whether giving up home ownership altogether or simply downsizing to a smaller home…

…you may anticipate financial, estate, or tax consequences requiring expert guidance; so, I have also assembled a cadre of excellent professionals to address such issues. I have also identified an outstanding cross-section of public and private agencies and service providers: placement specialists, geriatric case managers, financial advisors, private fiduciaries, handypersons, and even a veterinary tech who make house calls. These are primarily individuals whose services I’ve used in managing my own affairs or who I have gotten to know through the Sonoma County Section on Aging — a great group of people committed to sharing their knowledge so that all may deliver the best service possible to Sonoma County’s seniors. My intention is to serve as a senior home seller’s move management resource — to make that transition as smooth and stress-free as possible by coordinating the activities of others.

Why do I do this at no charge? Because my business is built on the concept of service.

And because interacting provides an opportunity for you to get to know me. During my career I’ve learned that when I am professionally helpful to a person (even when they were not quite ready to buy or sell), they will remember me when they or their friends are ready to make a move on and will turn to me again for assistance — knowing it’s okay to ASK and knowing that I look forward to being of service.